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No doubt about it, pets are a major part of our families! And Sunny's Pet Market is excited to help you choose from our large assortment for all of your pet’s needs for their total entertainment, contentment, and comfort. Whether you own dogs, cats, or searching for organic pet products, we’ve got you covered! We carry a wide range of quality products and are sure you will find what you are looking for and maybe even more!


Dog Supplies To Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

Whether you have a small, medium or large breed pooch you'll want to shop for dogs with us to find all the supplies you need to keep your pup comfortable, healthy and clean! From day to night we have all the necessities you will need as a dog owner. When it's time for a nap or bedtime your pooch will be extra comfy in one of our many dog beds. While enjoying time with your dog in the great outdoors it is important to keep pesky fleas off your dog and we can help with our flea and tick repellent options. It is important to offer your dog a variety of toys to keep them entertained and having fun all day long! Have you added a new puppy to your family? Then you'll need lots of cleaning and potty essentials while training your new addition. Keep your dog out of harms-way when using crates, pens and gates in areas your dog should not go. Nutrition is so important and when it comes to dog food and treats we offer many different choices to fit the nutritional needs of your furry friend. Giving your pooch a variety of treats will help to enhance their regular diet and strengthen their teeth too. Be sure to shop our line of bowls and feeders to keep your dog feed and dehydrated throughout the day. Going somewhere? Then be sure to check out our stylish travel bags for your pet so you can take them anywhere they want to go. Our new line of collars and leashes in an assortment of National Park patterns are a big hit. Don't forget to shop here for all your health essentials for your dog - we offer a variety of healthcare, dental care, vitamins and supplements to keep your dog in tip-top shape!  


"Purr-fect" Products For Your Feline Friend

Have a feline friend? Then be sure to shop for cats at our pet market to find all the essentials you need! Keep your cat busy with our collection of cat trees, condos and scratchers, find the perfect one to fit your space. And what’s a cat without a toy? We have so many choices to keep that little kitty busy. Give your cat the perfect place to rest after a long day of play with the beds & mats we offer. Plus, keep your cat safe and in designated areas of your home, with our selection of crates, pets & gates.  When it's feeding time keep your cat happy with the variety of food and treats they'll love! Be sure to pick up the feeders and bowls you'll need in order to feed your feline their favorite food. Don't forget to shop for all the litter and accessories you need. If your cat has an accident, no worries, shop our cleaning and potty products to clean up any messes in your home. We are here to help you take the best care of your kitty with our variety of healthcare, dental care, as well as,  flea & tick essentials to keep them happy and healthy! Plus, check out the additional cat supplies we offer to be sure you have everything you need whether you have a new kitten or a beloved cat you've enjoyed for many years. 


Organic Pet Products For Clean Living

Owning a pet is good for your heart, it makes our lives richer and it is believed that it helps us to live a longer and fuller life this is why it is important to provide the high-quality products for your pet family. As you shop around our pet market check out our collection of organic options as we have some outstanding cleaning and grooming options to offer you. Plus, your pet will love our variety of delicious natural pet treats too!


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