Travel & Carriers

Travel & Carriers

We Make Traveling With Your Cat a Breeze!

You may have thought traveling with cats was impossible. Sunny’s Pet Market is here to prove you wrong! We carry a wide variety of cat carriers, cat carrier backpacks, cat carriers on wheels, and cat carrier bags, so that no matter where you’re going or how you’re getting there, you’ll be able to bring your feline friend along.

If you are deciding to travel a long distance with your cat, you will want a carrier that offers as much stability for you, as it offers protection for your feline. The Escort Roller Backpack is a cat carrier on wheels and an ideal choice for long-distance travel. The backpack can be rolled or carried on your shoulders with minimal disturbance to your kitty and yourself. Bring it in the car, on a plane, or on a train—this cat carrier backpack will not fail you!

For shorter distances with less jostling, we also carry a wide variety of cat carrier bags. Our Mulberry Sling is an attractive and multifunctional kitty carrier, which features plenty of additional storage for your phone and wallet. Check it out in Jaguar Print if you and your cat are feeling wild! At Sunny’s Pet Market, we carry only the best cat carriers to make your journey with your feline peaceful and incident-free. Browse our selection today!

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