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As a cat owner, you know cats can be quite eccentric characters and we love that about them! That’s why at Sunny’s Pet Market we think you will be as excited as we are about the product selection we have for our feline friends.  

Cats love to climb so we know they will love our trees, condos, and scratchers. We offer you some new spin-offs that will keep your cat feeling safe, comfortable and entertained for hours. Cats can be climbing and exploring one minute and then they will want to find amusement with one of their favorite cat toys. That’s why it is important to stimulate their minds and give them products that can use for hours of amusement. You will have as much fun watching your cat climbing and playing because you know they are oh so happy!

Choosing a proper cat food depends on the needs of your specific cat, but we have many choices including dry, wet, freeze-dried, as well as, in bulk.  A cat’s diet should vary with greens, chicken, and fish that’s why we have some great blends that your kitty will adore. Don’t forget to check out our treats they’ll love too!

We also carry a variety of supplies to keep your cat healthy and happy.   As you know it is important to monitor your cat’s nutrition, as well as, to ensure you are providing them with proper dental hygiene. No need to stress, we carry a variety of products to help you in these areas including vitamins and supplements, dental care, immune support and joint and hip chews.

We are here to help make life with kitty litter a little easier! That’s why we offer a variety of essentials you’ll need for your cat’s potty time - from bags and dispensers, as well as, a variety of litter boxes and accessories to accommodate you and your cat.

Cats can be extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals and we offer an array of flea & tick products, grooming needs, and organic cleaners that are safe for cats.  Most cats despise water and we have some cleaners that can be sprayed or wiped on that won’t traumatize your pet.

Although notorious for their independent nature, they won’t say no to a personal space you offer them.  We have some nice snuggly beds and habitats that will be secure and relaxing for your kitty 24-7. If you need to limit your cat’s roaming area a bit you will find the crates, pens and gates we offer helpful in completing this task. Do you love to go jet setting with your cat or want to make life a little easier when taking them in the car? Then you’ll want to pick up one of our great travel carriers as you hit the road with your feline.

You will find an assortment of cat products here at Sunny’s Pet Market that will keep both you and your cat so happy together!