Crates, Pens & Gates

Crates, Pens & Gates

Comfortable and Safe Cat Crates, Pens and Gates for Every Situation 

Cats are the “independent” pet. Happy to be left to their own devices, content to entertain themselves, and perfectly at ease when exploring uncharted territories in your backyard or around the neighborhood (if they’re outdoor cats, make sure you’re providing them with plenty of flea and tick prevention!), cats love doing their own thing. Sometimes, though, we need our kitties to stay put. Whether you are traveling, entertaining company, or need to administer healthcare medicine or treatment to your furry friend, you’ll need to invest in a sturdy and humane crate. Here at Sunny’s Pet Market, we have crates, pens, and gates for every need, so you can feel confident that your feline is happy and safe. 

Cat crates are a critical part of any pet owner’s travel gear. In a car, you need to make sure your cat is safely contained, so nothing can pose a hazard to them, and so they can’t pose a hazard to anyone else in the vehicle! Having a safe space in which to lie low will also make them feel more comfortable in a moving car. The Deluxe Soft Crate is ideal for cat car travel. Flexible and durable, it will fit into most back seats and trunks, keeping your cat nice and safe. It also features plenty of pockets, so you have space for treats and bowls. This crate is built for maximum kitty comfort. 

Travel isn’t the only reason to purchase a crate or pen. Cats are agile, able to climb just about anywhere and squeeze into any room. While their physical prowess is a marvel to behold, sometimes we just need our furry friends to stay put! Pens are handy and humane ways to keep your cat contained. All our pens are spacious and flexible, giving your cat plenty of room to move around. And if you toss a toy in there with them, they won’t even realize they’re being contained! 

Don’t wait until the last minute to find a suitable crate or pen for your feline. Browse our selection and find the right one today!

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