Dental Care

Dental Care

Take Care of Your Cat’s Dental Health 

You may not love thinking about dental care—for yourself or your cat—but it’s still a major part of your cat’s (and your!) overall health. Ignoring it could lead to unpleasant or painful cat teeth problems down the line. Teeth and gums may become infected, making it difficult for your cat to chew, eat, or even fully close their mouth. Many trips to the vet can be avoided by taking some simple preventative measures and finding the right products to support your cat’s dental health. If you’re already taking good care of your cat’s overall health, then adding one more step to your routine won’t disrupt either of your schedules too much! 

A common misconception held by pet owners is that a cat’s teeth will take care of themselves. Domestic cat teeth cannot possibly get that dirty—right? Unfortunately, not so. Just like human teeth, domestic cat teeth need to be tended to in order to remain healthy. But how to do so with minimal hassle? For all felines who fear the toothbrush and cringe when they smell toothpaste, Sunny’s Pet Market carries some excellent, effective alternatives in the form of brushless toothpaste. Cleansing and breath-refreshing, these handy nibbles help you maintain a positive relationship with your cat. You can even serve it up in their favorite cat dish, so it will feel just like mealtime. Because none of us want teeth-brushing to be the wedge driven between us and our feline friends! 

Especially for older cats, teeth problems can take a serious toll on the quality of life. If your cat hasn’t had a teeth-cleaning in years, there are plenty of old cat teeth problems that may arise, and it’s best to start them on a healthy routine right away. Brushless Toothpaste bites are great for older cats. For added incentive, hide them in your cat’s tree or scratcher, and turn dental health into a game! 

Don’t postpone your cat’s dental health; pick up some teeth cleaning products today

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