Feeders & Bowls

Feeders & Bowls

Low Maintenance and High Style Cat Bowls and Feeders

Cats are clean, careful, caring animals—that’s part of the reason why we love them! Especially when it comes to feeding, we need to respect their preference for tidiness and order. Here at Sunny’s Pet Market, you’ll find the highest quality cat bowls that satisfy their—and your—feeding needs.

We carry only stainless steel bowls, which are easier to clean and attract fewer bacteria than alternatives, like ceramic cat bowls. With stainless steel bowls, you and your cat can be sure they’ll be eating out of the cleanest possible cat bowl. All our cat dishes, like the Stainless Steel Square Bowl and the Oval Cat Dish, also have a solid bonded rubber ring attached to the bottom so there will be no slipping and sliding while your cat eats. And for cats who tend to rush through mealtimes, we carry a Slow Feed Bowl, to protect them from stomach aches and bloating. All of our cat dishes can be used for either wet or dry food, or as water bowls—versatility and multifunctionality are best when it comes to cat bowls!

Here at Sunny’s Pet Market, we understand cats, and we understand owners. That’s why here, you’ll find the very best cat bowls for your feline.

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