Quality Cat Food 

At Sunny’s Pet Market we hope to assist you in choosing quality foods and treats they’ll love and that will be sufficient for all your feline’s nutritional needs.  A well-balanced diet brings you a well-balanced cat and choosing the right cat food is extremely important to their well being and long life.

Included in our selection of foods we carry dry food, canned wet food and freeze-dried varieties.  For those of you who prefer to stock up, we offer a variety of high-quality nutritious bulk food in case lots for trouble free shopping.  All of our cat foods are made from high-quality ingredients that you can be assured are satisfying and nutritious.

The food that you provide your cat is essential for their energy level, growth and development. Cats require complete proteins containing ample amounts of essential amino acids and are found in foods such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs.

Young kittens are generally weaned by their mothers, but if you have a kitten that you are weaning, try some of our all natural wet foods to start them on the right path.  Try adding in a little dry food so that they can get acquainted with chewing harder foods.

Adult cats require a high-quality, protein-based diet to meet their high-level needs and help them to continually restore body tissue.  Obviously, a high-energy cat needs more food than a lower energy cat, so knowing your cat’s energy levels will assist you in their determining their caloric intake.

Shop with us at Sunny’s Pet Market to find a variety of foods your cat is sure to love no matter their age! We hope you will find just what you are looking for in our all food and treats to keep your cat well balanced, happy, healthy and absolutely having fun and being active for years to come!