A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

The foundation for successful pet ownership is good pet health. And sometimes our pets need a little extra care to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy, strong, and happy. Bone, joint, and digestive issues are common cat health problems that can get in the way of your cat leading a fulfilling feline life. 

That’s where Sunny’s Pet Market can help! We stock all the best products in cat care to solve all cat health issues. From homeopathic remedies, to immune system support, we carry the best in cat care products. And since we know what cats like, all our healthcare products are 100% delicious, so even the pickiest feline won’t be able to pass them up! 

It can be difficult for cats to take in all the nutrients and vitamins they need when they subsist exclusively on a diet of cat food. Especially if your cat is an indoor cat, they may not be getting all the nutritional supplements they need to stay healthy and strong. Supplements, like the NuCat MultiVitamin, can lay the groundwork for a long, healthy kitty life! Check out some of Sunny’s best cat foods, which come in wet, dry, and freeze-dried form, and then browse our selection of supplements below. 

Most of us would probably be happier if we never had to think about our dental health; brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist are no one’s favorite activities! But for humans as for cats, practicing consistent dental hygiene can prevent massive hurdles down the road. So it pays to think about feline dental health before it becomes a cat health problem. Sunny’s makes this easy: we carry a number of dental health products, including the Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel, which removes plaque and tartar and requires no brushing. Your cat might not love having their teeth cleaned, but we make the process as painless as possible—and you can always reward your kitty with a treat afterwards! 

Cat care doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right products on hand. Give your kitty the gift of good health!


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Daily Probiotic for Cats (30 Count)

Support Your Cat's Digestive Tract  Sunny's Pet Market believes that probiotics are the safest and m..


GlycoFlex Plus for Cats (30 Chews)

GlycoFlex® Plus Feline Joint Support  GlycoFlex® Plus from Sunny's Pet Market is an advanced joint s..


Homeopet Feline Anxiety 15ML

Homeopathic Remedy for Cats with Anxiety  In contrast to traditional veterinary medicine, HomeoPet F..


NuCat MultiVitamin (30 Chews)

Multivitamin Supplement for Your Cat Nu Cat Multivitamin from VetriSCIENCE Laboratories is a chewabl..


NuPro Nugget supplement for Cats 1 lbs

Superior Cat Food Supplement  Made with fresh, premium ingredients, NUPRO Health Nuggets for cats is..


Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Cat Dental Kitnylabone Advanced Oral Care Cat Dental Kit

Dental Hygiene Kit for Cats We have many selections of dental related healthcare products for you to..


Sentry HC Petromalt Fish Flavor 2 oz.

Say NO to Hairballs!  Sunny's Pet Market recommends our Original Formula of Petromalt Hairball Relie..


Tomlyn Immune Support L-Lysine Chews 30ct

Immune Support for cats with L-Lysine  Tomlyn Immune Support for cats is a veterinarian formulated, ..


Tomlyn Joint and Hip Chews Cat 4.32oz

Tomlyn Joint & Hip Chews for Cats There are many different joints that can be affected by osteoarthr..


Tomlyn L-Lysine Powder 100 mg

Protect Your Cat From the Herpes Virus Is your cat sneezing? Congested? Watery eyes and nose?  Looks..


Tomlyn Laxatone Catnip 4.25oz

Eliminate & Prevent Hairballs  Sunny's Pet Market relies on this healthcare product and believes you..


Tomlyn Laxatone Natural 4.25oz

Eliminate & Prevent Hairballs with Tomlyn Sunny's Pet Market recommends that you try Tomlyn ..


Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Cat 4.25oz

Nutritional Supplement for Cats  Sunny's Pet Market recommends that you visit our healthcare section..


Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Kitten 4.25oz

Kitty With No Appetite? Try This!  Sunny's Pet Market recommends that you might tryTomlyn Nutri-Cal ..


Tropiclean Fresh Breath Cat Clean Teeth Gel 2oz

Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath, No Brushing!WithTropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel your cat's ..