Feline Fun with the Best Cat Toys 

Though they may not always show it, cats love to play! Kittens especially love toys and need the entertainment and stimulation to practice their hunting skills. With a high-quality cat toy, you can share in the fun with them. Sunny’s Pet Market carries some of the best cat toys ever, from stationary toys your kitty will never tire of, to stuffed toys they’ll love to bat around your home. Enjoy hours of feline fun with our essential cat toys. 

Looking for cat toys for indoor cats, so your cat can have fun alone when you’re out of the house? No kitty can resist the Calzone Cat Toy. With a solid bottom and multiple wiggling antennae, your cat will be entertained and get their needed exercise all at once. You could even hide a treat inside the bottom for your furry friend to find. They won’t be able to miss you too much with such fabulous playthings. 

For cats with a need for speed, you may want to look into cat toys that move, so your feline can act on their instincts to hunt and chase. Our Yeowww! Catnip toys are perfect for this, and come in all shapes and sizes, from apples to rainbows, and bananas to cigars. Pick out the shape you like best, and watch as your kitty spends hours stalking down their prey! For more moving toys, we also carry the Whimsi-M Cat Toy, a rocking toy that will have your cat using all their feline instincts to catch that bobbing ball! 

If you’re looking for the quintessential cat toy, you’ll definitely want to snag yourself a cat toy fish. Nothing says “catch me!” more than our Pollock Fish, a huge, catnip-filled fish painted in the style of Jackson Pollock. Fun and artistic!   

Alongside a cat tree or scratcher, and a cozy cat bed, toys are the final thing you’ll need to make your kitty feel contented, comfortable, and properly entertained in your home. Find the best cat toys ever right here at Sunny’s Pet Market!

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