Treats They'll Love

Treats They'll Love

Wholesome and Delicious Cat Snacks and Treats

Every cat deserves a reward now and again, and here at Sunny’s Pet Market, we have treats your kitty will adore! All our cat snacks are selected for deliciousness and healthfulness. You’ll find trusted cat treat brands that use natural ingredients, so you can feel good about your cat’s snacking choices!

For healthy cat treats, nothing can beat the Semi-Moist Chicken Cat Treats. Full of fiber and protein, these snacks are a feline favorite. Our Freeze-Dried Alaskan Salmon is a great choice for on-the-go snacking because they’re light and fit into any travel bag. This treat still packs a fishy flavor punch, though! And the Cat Natural Chicken Bites are made with USDA inspected chicken, chickpeas, and chicken liver, and are filler-free. Say good-bye to label-reading—when you buy from Sunny’s, you know that you’re getting only high-quality kitty treats!

You can even find your cat’s daily serving of greens here at Sunny’s Pet Market: the Self-Grow Wheatgrass Kit is a must-have for any cat who loves nibbling on houseplants.

Browse our selection to find treats with ingredients your cat loves. Or, buy them all, and let your kitty sample and find themselves a new favorite!

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Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Garden Self-Grow Wheatgrass Kit

Self-Grow Wheatgrass Kit  We've seen it for humans and now we can have for a nutritional treat for o..


Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Semi Moist Cat Treat Chicken 3oz

Greens for Cats Year Around Bell Rock Growers have come up with a great product in Pet Greens Semi-M..


Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Semi Moist Cat Treat Salmon 3oz

Salmon with Salad Just for Kitty  Bell Rock Growers have come up with an ingenious idea in cat treat..


Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Semi Moist Cat Treat Tuna 3oz

Wild Caught Tuna & Salad Just For Kitty  What a clever idea in cat treats!  These are made with nutr..


Bell Rock Treat Cat Semi Moist Turkey and Duck 3oz

Turkey, Duck & Salad Just for Kitty Bell Rock Growers have created a clever idea in cat t..


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Trout - 2oz

BLUE Wilderness Chicken & Trout soft-moist cat treats are the perfect way to cater to your felin..


Caru Cat Natural Chicken Recipe Bites 3oz.

Chicken Baken Bites for Cats  At Caru, we nourish with love and our Soft 'n Tasty Chicken Baked Bite..


Caru Cat Natural Salmon Recipe Bites 3oz.

Natural Salmon Recipe Bites  Our Natural Salmon Recipe starts with real wild-caught salmon and we do..


Cat-Man-Doo 5oz. Bags Of Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

Cat-Man-Doo Salmon Treats  At Cat-Man-Doo they specialize in freeze-dried raw meat and we know that ..


Cat-Man-Doo Bow 2oz. Bags Of Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats  At Cat-Man-Doo they are TRUE PET OWNERS and they know what ..


Cat-Man-Doo Bow Wow Bonito - The Big Bag - 4oz. Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes

Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes  It's about time someone started thinking about how much dogs love b..


Cat-Man-Doo Food Topper Bonito Sprinkles 8oz.

Bonito Sprinkles for Cats & Dogs  Crushed, dried bonito flakes from Cat-Man-Doo is a great way to ge..


Cat-Man-Doo Freeze Dried Chicken 2oz.

Crushed, Freeze-Dried Chicken In Bulk! When you are looking for quality freeze-dried meats, Cat-Man-..


Cat-Man-Doo Freeze Dried Chicken Chunks 8oz.

Freeze-Dried Chicken Chunks  The Life Essentials Freeze-Dried Chicken Chunks are little morsels of d..


Cat-Man-Doo The Big Cat Bag - 4oz. Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes

Bonito! A Favorite Treat for All Cats  Sunny's Pet Market now has Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Fla..