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Dog Foods and Supplies 

At Sunny's Pet Market, we know how important your dog is to you and our team is dedicated to bringing an assortment of quality dog foods and supplies to help you provide the best for your beloved pooch. Whether you own a dainty, delicate dog or a handsome, hefty hound - shop with us to find all the essentials you need to care for "man's best friend"! 

Choosing the correct dog food is extremely important and we have some great choices in dry food, wet food and we even carry bulk food.   Check out our stylish bowls and feeders, travel cups and scoops and don’t forget that fresh clean water daily is vital to your dogs well being.  

Puppies need more food for their size while they are growing, so remember, what goes in must come out, so check out our cleaning and potty supplies. They are essential to keep those messes to a minimum! 

Did someone say "treats"? That's right, giving your dog an assortment of treats is a great way to motivate them and reward them for good behavior, but they should not be used as a steady diet. Dental and hard chews are great for occupying away the hours and necessary for healthy teeth. Softer treats are useful in training as they are eaten quickly and in small amounts, but they shouldn’t be the only treat you offer.  Many choices in jerky treats, crunchier treats or natural chews are all available in our store too. Mix and match the types of treats you give your pooch to keep them happy, healthy and always coming back for more!

Our canine friends are a lot like humans in that they enjoy and benefit from a varied diet and comfy digs.  A place of their own that is clean, warm and comfortable is essential. Shop with us as you will find we can supply you with all their bedding, crates, pens and gates any toys to keep them busy.  

Part of enjoying a good rest is avoiding those unwelcome critters.  For their grooming needs, we offer organic shampoos, waterless cleaning spray, as well as, an assortment of brushes and combs.  Be sure to check out our organic flea & tick products have been extremely popular. All of our grooming products are perfect for keeping your dog looking its best!

If you notice that your dog is suffering from bad breath or dental issues, begin immediately with preventative care like vitamins or supplements to ward off any future health problems.  You will find our hard rubber toothbrush that you can fill with toothpaste helpful to brush their teeth throughout the day is a great option.

Shop with us at Sunny’s Pet Market to find a variety of quality products to keep your dog happy, healthy and having fun!