Bowls & Feeders

Bowls & Feeders

When you are looking for bowls and feeders for your dog, Sunny’s Pet Market can fill your canine partner’s needs!!

Sunny’s Pet Market offers a large selection of dog bowls and feeders.  For those dogs, like Sunny for example, who tend to eat too fast, there are slow feeder bowls that really help control that frantic eating.  Sunny also recommends high-quality stainless steel bowls that will last your pet a long period of time.  For those dogs who are a bit taller, there are elevated dog bowls just for them.  We also offer beautifully themed ceramic dog bowls that will add some cache to meal time!!  There are also personalized dog bowls available that can make a nice gift or you can keep just for your dog.

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Black and White Ceramic Bone Shaped Dog Bowl

Dual Diner Bone Shaped Feeder Bowl  This dual duty dog bone shaped bowl tell the whole story! ..


Black and White Ceramic Fish Shaped Cat Bowl

White & Black Fish Shaped Feeding Bowl   This is just what your cat would order if he..


Black and White Ceramic Paws and Bones Dog Bowls and Treat Jars

Paws & Bones Dog Bowls & Treat Jars  Black & White Ceramic Paws & Bones Dog Bo..


Black and White Paws Bones Ceramic Treat Jars

No Bones About it, This is a Great Treat Jar!  Whenever you walk towards this jar your dog wil..


Chevron Bowls and Treat Jars Collection

Stunning Gold Chevron Bowls and Treat Jars    Sophisticated gold Chevron patterned Bowls & Treat Jar..


Collapsible Travel Cup With Bottle Holder

Collapsible Travel Cup with Bottle Holder  Much like our Snack-DuO at Sunny's Pet Market, this is an..


French Bistro Bowls and Treat Jars Collection

Vintage French Bistro Dinnerware! Ooh-la-la You'll get a great vintage feel with our French Bistro b..


Gold Trellis Bowls and Treat Jars Collection

Brighten your Day with our Sunshine Yellow Trellis Bowls & Treat Jars  Check out these eye-popping G..


Green Trellis Bowls and Treat Jars Collection

Spring Garden Setting for Fido  Green Trellis Bowls & Treat Jars Collection from Sunny's Pet Market ..


Houndstooth Bowls and Treat Jars Collection

Novelty feeding bowls and Treat Jars are sure to please   Houndstooth bowls and treats jar for tha..


Large - Brake-Fast Dog Food Slow Feed Bowl - Large Black

Large Slow Feeder Bowl   If you have a big dog that wolfs their food down the minute you put it down..


Large - Collapsible Kennel Bowl by Dexas New

Large - Collapsible Kennel Bowl by Dexas

Large Collapsible Kennel Bowl Finally, someone has come up with a sturdy & rugged feeder bowl that f..


Large Collapsible Travel Cup by Dexas

Expandable Travel Cups Have you ever been caught with your dog needing a drink and all you had was y..


Large KlipScoop Portion Control by Dexas

Large KlipScoop Portion Control  Dexas is a popular brand with Sunny's Pet Market and they have come..


Large Single Elevated Pet Bowl by Dexas

Handy Elevated Pet Bowl    Sunny's Pet Market carries several different styles of feeder bowls and t..