When you think pet supplies and then pet beds, Sunny’s Pet Market offers a huge selection of dog beds to keep your canine partner comfortable!  

Though  Sunny likes the end of our bed, there are times when she wants her own space in her dog bed. Sunny’s Pet Market’s dog beds will give them comfort, support, and give you a product that is easy to care for.  Most of our beds have removable covers for easy machine washing.  Many of our dog beds have flexible chambers that help keep your pet off the cold floor and protect their joints. We are confident that you and your dog will find our dog beds to be the absolute best dog beds available!!

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Grand Canyon National Park Pet Bed

Grand Canyon National Park Pet Bed  Sunny's Pet Market is proud to offer these camp beds that ..


Grey Stewart Tartan Kuddler

Grey Stewart Tartan Kuddler  The Vintage Pendleton tartans and plaids still woven in their Ame..


Harding Pet Napper

Southwest Beauty for Your Dog's Comfort  The Harding Pet Napper is another beautiful piece tha..


Indoor/ Outdoor Striped

Outdoor/Indoor Pet Bed  Finally! The Indoor/Outdoor Jamison Striped Pet Bed that will hold up ..


Luxury Pillow Top Mattress Bed

Luxury Pillow Top Mattress Bed  Have you got a dog that steals the end of your bed?  No problems, ju..


MacCormack Plaid Kuddler

MacCormack Plaid Kuddler Now, this is what I call a bed! The Kuddler is fit for a King and this one..


Purr Padd

Purr Padd for Cats & Dogs  If you have a chair that's become your cat or dog's favorite sp..


Ranier National Park Pet Bed

Vintage Ranier National Park Pet Bed  The traditional colors and patterns in the Ranier Nation..


Red Ombre Plaid Kuddler

Red Ombre Plaid Kuddler  Our Red Ombre Plaid Kuddler was inspired by the Vintage Pendleton tar..


Red Ombre Plaid Pet Napper

Red Ombre Blanket Petnapper   Our Petnapper beds are inspired by the Vintage Pendleton ta..


Rocky Mountain National Park Pet Bed

Rocky Mountain National Park Pet Bed  Inspired by vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills® blanket patt..


Sherpa Puff Ball

Free-form Nesting for your Pet   This bean-bag is such a great idea for dog beds.  Our S..


Yakima Camp Pet Bed Heather Green

Heather Green Yakima Camp Pet Bed  Our Pendleton Pet® collection has taken the traditional cam..


Yakima Camp Pet Bed Umber

Comfortable Yakima Camp Pet Bed  Sunny's Pet Market's camp dog beds will give comfort, su..


Yosemite National Park Pet Bed

Yosemite National Park Pet Bed  Our vintage Yosemite National Park Dog Bed was inspired b..