Cleaning & Potty

Cleaning & Potty

Cleaning & Potty 

Sunnys Pet Market. com offers a great variety of helpful cleaning & sanitation products for your dog!!  We provide high quality shampoo and conditioners from Earth Path that provide benefits such as oils that work as a natural deodorizer and degreaser. To keep our neighbors happy and our own yards or dog parks clean, try our Bags on Board “pick-up” bags.  These are Sunny’s parents favorites by a long shot!!  Sunny’s also offers tools to aid in the grooming of your favorite canine. For your grooming needs, and particularly if you have dogs that shed, the Furminator is a life saver.  We use it on Sunny with very good results.

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Natures Miracle Pet Block Repellent Spray 16oz

Let them know it's Off Limits with Pet Block!   Sunny's Pet Market wants to introduce you ..


Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer 128oz For Dogs

Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer in Economy Size Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer is a proven deodor..


Nootie Dog Shampoo , Soft Lilly - 16oz

A Daily Spritz is all There is to it!  Nootie's Daily Spritz will keep your dog smelling fresh and c..


Nootie Dog Shampoo in Coconut Lime Verbena - 16oz.

Get a Squeaky Clean Shampoo with Grapefruit Extract   Sunny's Pet Market carries Nootie Dog Sh..


Nootie Dog Shampoo in Sweet Pea and Vanilla - 16oz.

Sweet Pea and Vanilla Makes for a Great Bath!   You will love the delicate fresh scent of our nour..


Nootie's Foaming Shampoo For Puppies Sweet Pea and Vanilla

Sweet Pea & Vanilla Shampoo    At Sunny's Pet Market we have some terrific grooming products a..


Original Lavender and Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

2 in 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner    Cloud Star Buddy Wash from Sunny's Pet Market is a shampoo and c..


Pee Post Pheromone -Treated Yard Stake

Take Control The Pee Post!  Are you tired of Fido peeing on the fence, the door or just any old plac..


Pet Hair Vacuum Accessory

Vacuum While Grooming   Here at Sunny's Pet Market, we think the worst part of grooming is whe..


Simple Solution - Extra Large Training Pads 50 PACK

Extra Large Training Pads in the 50 Pack If you are in a situation where you are required to use pad..


Simple Solution Disposable Male Dog Diaper Belly Band / Male Wrap

Male Dog Diaper Belly Band   We love our big-personality male dogs, but some of them just haven't ma..


Simple Solution Male Diaper Garment Wrap

Male Diaper Garment Wrap  We've all experience dogs with excitable urination, incontinence, male mar..


Simple Solution Potty Training Aid (16 fl. oz. spray)

Potty Training Aid for Puppies  When training your puppy with their potty habits you can get frustra..


Simple Solution Training Pad Holder

The Training Pad Will Stay Put!  When you are potty training a puppy you can just about expect anyth..


Simple Solution Washable Diaper Garment

Simple Solution Diaper Garments  Simple Solution Diaper Garments from Sunny's Pet Market are the per..