Dental Care

Dental Care

Dental Care 

SunnysPetMarket brings you a nice variety of Dental Care products for your dog.  It is critical, as we all know, that our dogs teeth are in tip top shape.  Dental bills at the Vet are enormous and even more importantly, tooth problems can be very painful for our pets.  We have products to help brush your pets teeth, or simply place a mixture in their food to do the trick!!  Waggletooth has some neat products to help brush your pet’s teeth as well as a product to promote fresh breath.  ProDen’s plaque control product can be very effective in helping to control the plaque that all dogs acquire normally. 

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Bristly DIY Toothbrush For Dogs (Brushing Stick)

Brush Your Own Teeth!  If you have to fight with your pooch to get their teeth brushed you will want..


Dental Care Tooth Gel Vets Best

DentalCare Gel Dental Care Tooth Gel from Vet'sBest is a toothpaste that uses all-natural ingredient..


Proden - Plaqueoff Dental Powder For Dogs and Cats

PlaqueOff for Dogs & Cats  100% natural North Atlantic seaweed powder is the ingredient used to make..


Proden Plaqueoff Dental Bites Dog and Cat Treats

PlaqueOff  Dental Bites for Dogs & Cats  100% natural North Atlantic seaweed powder is the ingredien..


Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dog Foam Fresh Mint 4.5oz

Fresh Breath Mint Foam for Cats & Dogs When raising your pet children, you know that preventing dent..


Vets Best Dental Care Kit

Enzymatic Dental Care Kit for Dogs  Vet's Best Complete Enzymatic Dental Care Kit for Dogs comes wit..


Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush

Waggletooth Toothbrush for Dogs  This Dog Toothbrush from Sunny's Pet Market in an ingenious design ..


Waggletooth Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste  We have Waggletooth Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste at Sunny's Pet Market to help..


Waggletooth Sparkling Breath

Sparkling Breath by  Waggletooth Let's face it...dogs really enjoy chewing on things we find might p..