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Flea & Tick Products 

SunnysPetMarket offers a pleantiful variety of Flea & Tick products to protect your dog. These products are based on natural ingrediants designed to be deadly to fleas and ticks but gentle to your dog. You can use these products with confidence!!  The  products offered by Sunnys Pet Market are a great alternative to treatments made with harsh chemicals and insectisides. Earth Animal products developed by Dr.Bob Goldstein offer a proven formula that embraces the approach of “The best protection is a good defense.”  These products are easy to apply or administer and you will be very pleased with the results!

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Ark Naturals Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! 8oz

Spray On Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! Geraniol is the primary part of rose oil, and also occurs in..


Earth Animal Dog Nupro Bug Spray Herbal 8oz

Herbal Bug Spray from Earth Animals  Nupro Bug Spray from Earth Animal is infused with a natural ble..


Earth Animal Dog Nupro Shampoo Herbal 12oz

Herbal Shampoo Repels Bugs Naturally Earth Animal Dog Nupro Shampoo is infused with a natural blend ..


Earth Animal Dog Nupro Spot Flea Tick

Treat Fleas & Ticks With Natures Repellent  Sunny's Pet Market wants you to have all the advantages ..


Earth Animal Flea and Tick Collar

All Natural Pet Flea and Tick Collar Safe for Dogs & Cats  We try to avoid the harsh chemicals, inse..


Earth Animal Flea and Tick Program Daily Internal Powder For Dogs 16oz

Internal Flea and Tick Herbal Powder  This is our 1 pound size of Earth Animal Flea and Tick Interna..


Earth Animal Flea and Tick Program Daily Internal Powder For Dogs 8oz

Flea and Tick Program Daily Herbal Internal Powder  We love this powder that was created from all-na..


Earth Animal Flea and Tick Program Herbal Drops for Dogs 2oz

Try Flea and Tick Herbal Drops for Dogs  Repel fleas and ticks with this all-natural herbal based fo..


Flea and Tick 8oz Spray for Dogs and Cats

Shield Your Pet Naturally from Pesky Bug Bites  Specially formulated with a mixture of oils coming f..


Flea and Tick Wipes for Dogs and Cats (60 count)

Ward Off Pesky Fleas & Ticks with Herbal Towelettes  If you've ever been in the woods and thought to..


Sentry Capguard Flea Tablets DOGandCAT 2-25lb 6ct

 Quick and Easy Tablets for Flea Infestations! Pet Armour FastCaps Flea Tablets are a fast, easy an..


VetriRepel Spray - 8 oz

Eco-Sourced VetriRepel Spray for Pets  Sunny's Pet Market would like to introduce you to VetriRepel,..


VetriRepel Wipes (60 Wipes)

Eco-Sourced VetriRepel Wipes  Sunny's Pet Market would like to introduce you to VetriRepel Towelette..