Quality Dog Foods 

Our goal at Sunny's Pet Market is to assist you in choosing quality foods and treats that will be sufficient to your dog’s personal requirements and keep them healthy and feeling that spirit of youthfulness.   A well-balanced diet creates a well-balanced pet.

Choosing the correct dog food is extremely important and we have some great choices in dry food, wet food, freeze-dried, as well as, dehydrated so you have the best options to fit the needs of your beloved pooch.

For those who prefer to stock up, we offer canned bulk food in case lots in a variety of high-quality and organic foods to suit the pickiest of dogs.  We also have top of the line organic dog cookies that are a real treat.  In our case lots, you can also purchase for special needs dog some great choices with the supplements that they require.  We like to carry a variety of foods that keep their ingredients simple by using mainly meats, vegetables and rice while leaving out the harmful fillers that other foods may contain.

We all know that dogs love to chew! However, you want them to chew on the right kinds of treats rather than on your furniture or shoes. Chewing on jerky treats, dental and hard chews or natural chews exercises their jaw muscles and helps to scrape away dental plaque.  Puppies especially love and need to chew because they are continually teething and it provides them relief from irritated gums. Try our variety of chews for your puppy or dog to occupy them while helping to clean their teeth too!

We also offer tempting softer treats for dogs as they are great for quick rewards in training and socializing. We have treats for the calorie burning working dogs to the calorie saving couch potato dogs that are all natural and nutritious.

From the beginning of time dogs have been always been our loyal companions and more than just a pet.  They are a part of our family and we are dedicated to bringing an assortment of high caliber dog foods to help you maintain your dog's healthy feeding program. You can be assured that our foods go through rigorous testing to make sure they meet the needs for a well balanced healthy diet.

Everyone at Sunny’s Pet Market hopes you will find what you are looking for in our quality products to keep your dog happy, healthy and having fun!