Jerky Treats

Jerky Treats

Tasty, Chewy Dog Jerky Treats 

For well-behaving dogs, it’s hard to find a more delicious, rewarding treat than jerky. Chewy, nutritious, and flavorful, jerky is a canine favorite. And you’ve come to the right place if you’re on a hunt for the best-tasting, most satisfying jerky. Here at Sunny’s Pet Market, we have every variety and flavor of jerky to satisfy every taste. And we mean every taste; we carry not only traditional flavors, like pork and beef, but also flavors neither you nor your dog has ever heard of before: elk antlers, kangaroo sausage, and duck feet! Give them a try—we bet they’ll become your pooch’s favorite! 

In addition to being undeniably delicious, one of the huge advantages of jerky is that it is often less processed than other types of dog treats. With jerky, you can be sure you’re feeding your pooch only good proteins and nutrients, and no added fillers or preservatives. These beef chips only have three ingredients, so you don’t have to settle for over-processed treats. 

Jerky and chews are great for your dog’s dental health, keeping their teeth polished and sharp. And for chewers—dogs who just need to be gnawing at something all the time—nothing lasts as long as a Rawhide Curl or a Rawhide Braided Stick. Pick up some jerky or chews today!

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