Natural Chews

Natural Chews

Delicious, Nutritious Soft Snacks for All Occasions

If you and your pooch go wild for snacks, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Sunny’s Pet Market, we offer the best dog snacks in every size, shape, and texture. You’ve already picked up the jerky, and the crunchy bites. Now it’s time to delight your pooch with softer treats!

Particularly if your canine friend is older or has dental concerns, indulging and rewarding them with softer snacks is a good alternative to tough, chewy ones which could hurt or even damage their teeth. Here at Sunny’s Pet Market, we have a wide selection of delicious soft treats that are all-natural, all-amazing, and available in all flavors! We supply snacks for lovers of fish and chicken, as well as those dogs who don’t care if their snacks are in perfect shape. No matter what your dog’s tastes, Sunny’s Pet Market has them covered!

Looking to celebrate a milestone or a birthday? Your pooch may not know if they’ve aged another year (lucky them!), but, if you present them with a special treat, like this decadent, colorful birthday party box, or these scrumptious brownie bites, they’ll know that it’s a special occasion!  

All our snacks are natural and healthful, so you can feel good about occasional rewards. Get yours today!

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Alaskan for More - Small Treats, Bulk by the Pound

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Bon Bons

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Brownies Bites

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Busted! Boxed Treats

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Cheesesteak Biscuits

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Crack! Crate Set of 12

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Happy Birthday Box

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