Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements 

Sunnys Pet Market offers a large vairety of Vitamins and Supplements for your canine partner!  Sunny’s featured partner, NaturVet, is a highly respected provider of Vitamins & Supplements designed to provide a wide range of healthy benefits. For example, NaturVet’s Skin and Coat plus Advanced Allergy Powder provides a source of natural antioxidants to support a normal immune system and assists in combating environmental pollutants. Rich in Omegas, DHA and EPA to help maintain proper skin moisture and respiratory health. There are also products designed to aid in Bladder support as well as Digestive opportunities.  Our canine partners have many of the same challenges as their hoomans do, so it is important that we research the products that are available to improve their health and well being.  Take a minute and hover over some of the great products offered here and you will find great information to help in your decision making.

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All-in-One Powder Supplement 60 Day (Bag)

NaturVet All-In-One Support Powder  It couldn't be easier! A powder that you can just sprinkle on yo..


All-in-One Soft Chew (Cup) - 60 Soft Chews

All-In-One Support Soft Chews  Pick up some All-in-One Soft Chews made by NaturVet from Sunny's Pet ..


Aller-911 Skin and Coat Plus Advanced Allergy Powder 9 oz

Allergy powder for Cats & Dogs  Dogs are susceptible to allergies, too! When you begin to see the si..


ArthriSoothe-GOLD Soft Chew (Jar)

Advanced Joint Care Chews  Whether you have an active dog that needs support from a high level of ac..


Bladder Support Plus Cranberry Tablets - 60 Count

Natural Bladder Support Tablets  If your dog is exhibiting signs of a bladder infection, or uncontro..


Brewers Dried Yeast With Garlic Chewable Tablets

Brewers Yeast for Dogs & Cats  Sunny's Pet Market carries Brewers Dried Yeast With Garlic that is ch..


Brewers Yeast and Garlic with Omegas Tablets 1000ct

Brewers Dried Yeast for Coat & Skin Does your pet have a dull coat or just doesn't look a..


Coprophagia Deterrent Plus Breath Aid Tablets -Time Release

Stool Eating Deterrent  If your adult dog is eating their own stools [Coprophagia], it might be due ..


Cranberry Relief Plus Echinacea Powder (Jar) - 50 grams

 Cranberry Relief from NaturVet Cranberry Relief for dogs supports your dog's urinary health and hel..


Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotic Powder - 4 oz Jar

Probiotic Powder with Digestive Enzymes  Does your dog have tummy issues?  Are you transitioning to..


Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotic Soft Chew - 70 ct (Cup)

Probiotic Soft Chew with Digestive Enzymes  Does your dog have tummy issues?  Maybe he has a hard ti..


Digestive Enzymes Powder Plus Probiotic - 1lb Jar

Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics  Nutrients absorb more efficient when probiotics are in the tummy,..


Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil (Aloe and Baby Powder scent) - 4 oz

All Natural Tea Tree Oil Ear Wash  At Sunny's Pet Market we love to rely on the natural ..


Glucosamine-DS Level 1 Tablets - Time Release - 60 Count

Glucosamine-DS for Cats & Dogs  From Sunny's Pet Market we have the NaturVet Level 1 Glucosamine-DS ..


Glucosamine-DS Plus Level 2 Soft Chew - 120 Chews (Jar)

Level 2 Moderate Joint Care  Sunny's Pet Market want to make sure your dog is performing at it's bes..