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Organic Products for Pets 

At Sunny's Pet Market, we understand organic products just make sense for many pet owners and we think you will appreciate all the products we have to offer you and your pet. In our cleaning section, you will find a collection of all natural cleaners and concentrates that have ingredients such as grapefruit seed, chamomile, oranges, and others are gentle for you, your pet and your home. They are not only effective organics that smell great, but they also help to clean and remove grease.  We carry a line of organic stain and odor removers, fabric refreshers, spray and wipe all-purpose cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, as well as, carpet shampoos.

If you have problems with pesky fleas and ticks you’ll want to try our flea and tick drops or sprays. They are easy to use and proven to effectively kill these little critters in an all natural and gentle method using a variety of botanical herbs such as cedarwood, peppermint, clove, thyme, cinnamon, almond oils, and many other all natural organics.  Other brands use harsh chemicals that can cause rashes and burn the skin. We also provide an effective all natural herbal dog and cat collars that work for up to 3 months each. Unlike other flea collars, our’s are perfectly safe for cats and come in a variety of sizes.

You can easily spray your pet’s bedding and play areas with assorted blends of herbs and essential oils to leave a clean scent, plus ward off those pesky critters. Use before heading out on a long walk or hike to prevent any hitchhikers from riding back home with Fido.  These natural formulas are even safe for large and small humans to keep the mosquitoes at bay!

We also carry an assortment of organic grooming supplies from sunscreen, skin care and shampoos, and fragrance sprays. Try out our herbal homeopathic blends for keeping your dog or cat calm, preventing allergies and formulated to help prevent skin problems. Want to add a little color to your dog? Then be sure to check out our line of fur and nail coloring to add a pop of color to your pooch.

The organic food section offers a great selection for even the finicky furry friend.  We have a selection of delicious foods for both dogs and cats to enjoy. They include an assortment made with fish, chicken, lamb, turkey and vegetables. A well-balanced diet creates a well-balanced pet.

We only want the very best for your beloved pet that is why Sunny’s Pet Market is dedicated to providing quality organic pet products that will enhance your lives together!