Dog Toys 

Sunny’s Pet Market offers a huge selection of Dog Toys to keep your pet occupied and focused on items other than the furniture, clothes, etc.!!  We carry primarily KONG products.  Sunny can testify, if she could talk, that KONG products are the best she has ever had.  None of her KONG products have ever broken or come apart from her playing with them.  Remember, she is 60 lbs. of Lab and is very strong.

Sunny’s Pet Market has a wide variety of types of toys for your pet.  From pure strength focused, to toys that can have food placed inside them, training focused toys and other products that challenge their cognitive abilities.

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Dental Kong Toy with Rope, Small/Medium

Dental Kong Toy with Rope At Sunny's Pet Market we have a large selection of KONG products and they ..


Dental Kong Toy, Large/X-Large

Dental Kong Toy for the Big Dogs  At Sunny's Pet Market we have a large selection of KONG products a..


Dog Activity Gambling Tower (Level 1)

Gambling Tower Game for Dogs  Dogs are naturally curious and when they sense something, they can spe..


Extreme Flyer Toy

KONG Extreme Flyer  If you have an active dog that is fast and quick, you will want to try our KONG ..


KONG Babbler

KONG Babbler   Sunny's Pet Market carries a large variety of KONG toys and The KONG Babbler is a gre..


KONG Bounzer - Large

Large KONG Bounzer  Your dog will love the new KONG Bounzer that is made from a lightweight, flexibl..


Kong Cloud

Dogs: Reclaim Your Dignity  Finally! An end to the silly cones! The Kong Cloud is a new product made..


Kong Dragon Knots

Whimsical KONG Dragon Knots  At Sunny's Pet Market we love the KONG toy line and the KONG Dragon Kno..


Kong Goodie Bone

Planet Kong Goodie Red Bone  Sunny's Pet Market has the Planet Kong Goodie Bone for satisfying that ..


Kong Gyro

New KONG Gyro  Sunny's Pet Market has the new KONG Gyro that is definitely entertaining with an irre..


Kong MEGA Wubba

KONG Wubba Toy Sunny's Pet Market has the KONG Mega Wubba, a fun interactive toss and tug toy that w..


Kong Play Spaces Burrow

KONG for a Tunnel of Fun!  Give your cat an experience that includes hiding, sneaking, pouncing and ..


Kong Rambler Ball

The Two in One KONG Rambler  Sunny's Pet Market carries a large variety of KONG toys and this KONG R..


KONG RePlay - Treat Dispensing Toy

KONG RePlay Treat Dispensing Toy  Your dog loves a challenge, as all good dogs do, and the KONG Repl..


Kong Squiggles Case of 4

KONG Squiggles in a 4 Pack  For great savings, pick up a 4-pack of KONG Squiggles from Sunny's Pet M..