Trees, Condos & Scratchers

Trees, Condos & Scratchers

Cat Trees, Condos & Scratchers 

How does a big fish condo that your cat can play in and on throughout the day sound?  Well at Sunny’s Pet Market we have so many great ideas to satisfy any cat’s entertaining desires!  Whether you are just looking for a scratching post or an elaborate high-rise, we have what you’re looking for.

Furniture for cats is not only entertaining for the cat but extremely amusing to watch as they play for hours upon end jumping, scurrying and slapping.  We have single story habitats up to four-story condos.  Whether you have a single cat or several, we can supply you with what you’ll need for loads of laughter for everyone.

Keeping your cat active, especially if it’s a strictly indoor cat, can be challenging.  The days of climbing curtains and kitchen cupboards can be a memory with our new and innovative cat furniture.  All cats love to sneak and explore, and with a habitat that has cubbies and platforms, there will be enough to keep them busy for hours on end.

It’s all in how you look at it and scratching isn’t a bad habit if you provide them with a scratching post.  It is perfectly natural for a cat to have the scratching instinct because they are born with it. Cats have sweat glands in their paws and they scratch to leave a territorial message to notify any intruders that this is their domain.  This is a normal habit in nature and to punish your cat for scratching can instill some negative or harmful habits. Everyone wins when the cat has a good scratcher

Climbing up condos and scratching maintains healthy nails by helping to remove the outer layers of the nail and is necessary for their personal grooming needs.  It is also a natural way to release pent up stress and have some great downtime.

Scratching to a cat is like yoga to a human in that it helps to release ‘feel good’ hormones that keep your cat happy, healthy and content.  Cats aren’t just scratching, they are actually performing a stretching and pulling regime to engage muscles that they might not generally use.

We hope you will find some useful furniture and accessories for your cat at Sunny’s Pet Market.  Our goal is to give your pet, whether you own dogs, cats or both, what they need for a full and happy life!

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