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Ace Furniture for Cats

The Ace Scratcher  Amazing!  That's about all we can say when we see this Ace Furniture for Cats fro..


Banana Cabana Pet Cabana

Banana Cabana Hideout  The Banana Cabana Pet Cabana is made from all natural woven water hyacinth an..


Bubbles Box Scratcher

Bubbles Box Scratcher Here we have quite the cat scratcher! OurBubbles Box Scratcher is constructed..


Calzone (Ivory) Cat Toy

Calzone Cat Toy in Ivory  Basically what we have is a cylindrical box that is hollow, but the intere..


Calzone (Lime) Cat Toy

Calzone Cat Toy in Lime  Here is an unassuming Calzone Cat Toy that will be sure to pique your cat's..


Candlelight Scratching Post

Candlelight Scratching Post  A scratching post is absolutely essential to the cat, without it you ha..


Carrier - Beige Checkered Pet Carry Tote

Beige Checkered Pet Carrier It isn't always safe for small pets to walk in busy traffic due to ..


Carrier - Blue Checkered Pet Carry Tote

Blue Checkered Pet Carrier  It isn't always safe for small pets to walk in busy traffic due to their..


Chum Scratcher

Fish Cat Scratcher  At Sunny's Pet Market we know it's instinctive for a cat to go into a trance-lik..


Citadel Furniture for Cats

The Citadel for Cats  The Citadel Furniture for Cats is just an all around good time!  To start with..


Cosmo Pet Bed

Kitty's Kubby Space  Woven from water hyacinths, our Cosmo Pet Bed makes a safe cat house with loung..


Dainty Cat Toy

Dainty Cat Toy  Here is another mission impossible toy, but your cat really doesn't care because it'..


Doo Wopp Cat Toy

Doo Wopp Cat Toy I can just imagine a cat getting overly excited over something as tricky as the Doo..


Ivatar Cat Toy

Ivatar Cat Toy  Sunny's Pet Market has the Ivatar Cat Toy that is covered in a furry green and grey ..


King Furniture for Cats

The King Scratcher  We have the King Furniture for Cats at Sunny's Pet Market that is a multi-purpos..